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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

French O' study plugged in Google translate...


I spent a few minutes playing with Google translate and Les Techniques De Selection Des Objets Et De Memorisation En Course D'Orientation (a PDF file). I learned, for example...

The chart moves when we jump between the stocks and the stones. The more stable it is, the more it is obviously easy to interpret it. Certain goods runners use the two hands to stabilize it during the race. A chart held by two sides “floats” less than one chart held by only one. But the arms are very useful for the propulsion. By mobilizing them to stabilize the chart in front of oneself, we do not use them to run quickly; even if all the bust is some stabilized, the hips cannot work as well as possible. Actually, it is impossible to hold the chart with two hands without speed dropping. The catch with two hands thus costs time and energy, since one needs réaccélérer after the reading. The best runners require only for some tenths of a second to extract information from the chart, even if they hold that of a hand, and the deceleration is almost unperceivable. They thus succeed in stabilizing their arm a few seconds, while the remainder of the body continues to function.

It really is amazing that I can plug French text into a web page and get back something that I can understand...even though I can't really understand a word of French. It is also amusing to read the resulting language.

French to English isn't nearly as interesting as Japanese to English. Here is something translated from Yoko Bamba's web page:

In any case, you thought that running to end aggressively, is necessary.

The short leg is read with the long leg.

Reading, it runs ding dong.

Changing with the short leg, it designates the head as navigation mode.

Here several seconds are made. Avariciously.

And and, it runs aggressively.

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posted by Michael | 8:48 PM


Yeah, french-english used to be much more funny with Google translation :)

By the way, I was planning on translating this report during the summer (as much as I plan to translate the swiss one on visionary head start in french). It contains interesting conclusions on how elite orienteers read and select features on the map (mostly contours), compared to other runners.

There is also an interesting protocol, "map drawing", to test whether people have too much ot not enough confidence in their map skills, and what they select on maps.
Try going from french to spanish and then to english. That would be a hoot.
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