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Thursday, November 23, 2006

5 Tips for the OK event on December 2


Orienteer Kansas hosts a race on a sprint map of the KU Campus on December 2. Here are 5 tips to help you get ready for the race:

1. Check out the small sample of the map that we posted earlier.

2. Check out sprint maps and courses from other races on university campuses: the North American Champs on the McMaster campus and the U.S. Team Trials on the University of Missouri, St Louis campus.

3. Remember that sprint maps show features as uncrossable when they are physically uncrossable or crossing the feature is prohibited. It might be physically possible to run through a garden, but the garden might be prohibited to run through. You need to understand the symbols and keep that in mind as your racing.

4. Get familiar with the sprint symbols. Know what an uncrossable fence or wall looks like. Know what stairways look like. The area around controls 9 and 15 on the UMSL map shows lots of the special sprint features. Know what a "canopy" looks like on the map and know that you can run under/through a canopy (check out the McMaster map and the various route choice options for 11-12).

5. Think about the physical challenges or running on a campus rather than in the forest. On a campus you'll need to run up and down stairs.

Special Bonus 6th Tip! If you have trouble adjusting to 1:5000 scale, read lots of features on the first couple of legs to get used to the scale.

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I'm flying to California on Dec. 3rd but this time I don't have the opportunity to travel through Kansas. Too bad, it would have been fun.
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