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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Limited financial resources


From Kristoffer Henriksen's dissertation on the environment of successful sport clubs:

Common to all three environments was the perception by participants that there were limited financial resources. Set alongside this was a shared reluctance to let this fact be a barrier accompanied by a positive focus on other available resources. In the 49er team the prospects did not have a coach of their own, financial resources for talent development were scarce and the state of equipment was well below that of their international competitors. These factors were compensated for through open collaboration and sharing databases. IFK Växjö did not have the financial means to employ coaches, but management focused instead on the helpful attitude of a large number of skilled volunteer coaches and helpers. For the kayakers the fact that the club employed no coaches was abundantly outweighed by the open training community with elite athletes; the low budget accommodation at competitions was perceived as promoting close friendships; and the dilapidated weight-lifting room became a reminder that high quality training depends on the athlete and not on the equipment.

All three environments pointed, furthermore, to the help provided by the natural environment as a resource in their efforts – the long coastline of Denmark, for example, or the town size of Växjö, or for the Wang athletes the easy access to the club and to well-protected waters.

Henriksen studied three sports clubs in Scandinavia that have had success developing juniors into elite athletes. The club sports are sailing, kayaking and track and field. Henriksen focused on the organizations' environments, something I find interesting.

The quote above caught my eye a few days ago.

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