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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Athletes and twitter


Jan at Worldofo commented on the European Champs and part of that commentary caught my eye:

Is Twitter finally coming to elite orienteering?...I have tried to get the top runners to use Twitter before, but still only a very few have taken it up. During EOC, Eva Jurenikova (Czech Republic) and Christian Bobach (Denmark) gave us some insight into what was happening “behind the scenes”. I hope more will follow...And if you are a Top Elite Orienteer: Twitter is a good and little time-consuming way to share your thoughts with the community.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my hope that more elite orienteers would start to use Twitter.

Hammer posted a few of his thoughts on Attackpoint (and in a discussion that has generated, to date, one response...while in the same period of time a tedious discussion of NEOC club politics genearted 34 responses!).

It surprises me a bit that orienteers don't make more use of Twitter. In general, oreinteers are technically savy. But, I wonder if what is happening is that, in general, orienteers don't appreciate the value of communication, even such simple communication as Twitter. More likely, orienteers are part of such a small community that there aren't many who would see a value in Twitter and take the time (and it isn't much) to use the tool.

PBS Mediashift has story about athletes and Twitter that might be worth a read.

posted by Michael | 4:21 PM


Not only was there only one response to my twitter posting there is only a few (2?) responses to the naming of the US ski-orienteering team posting.
Club politics (and logos) trump elite orienteering discussions!

Attackpoint discussions don't seem to generate much traction unless someone complains about transparency and process. If you posted something about the unclear process and lack of transparency in the ski O' selection, you'd probably generate some response. You'd have to support the process being unclear and not transparent by noting that this was the first you heard of it and you can't tell from the posting why the team was selected as it was.

I should point out that I'm not actually concerned about the ski O' team selection. I don't think I even looked at the discussion. I'm just pointing out that many of the high volume discussions are about processes and transparency.

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