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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's "Possum Trot"


I ran the "Possum Trot" today. The race format is a bit unsual. It is a longer course with a mass start and you could skip any two controls. Being able to skip controls gives you something else to think about. It also constrains the course setting a bit and there isn't usually much tempo change. But it is fun and tough, so I've got no complaints.

I'm in lousy shape, so the event was tough and I wasn't moving very well.

Here's the map:

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Being able to skip controls gives you something else to think about. It also constrains the course setting a bit and there isn't usually much tempo change.

1. I had thought that you couldn't skip two in a row, but I see that was allowed. Was that always the case at the Trot?

2. The skips have to be considered in setting the course, but I don't see it as a constraint. You can actually do some clever things not possible in a normal course.

3. In all honesty, the course setting looks less inspired than it might be. Not much variety. No long legs, no short legs. And I don't see the skipping rule acting as a constraint on that.

I've glanced at Trot maps over the years, and my vague recollection is that long legs have been most noticeable by their absence. Is there a rule forbidding them?
You were allowed to skip two in a row. I think the rule has varied a bit over the years.

I'd say that in general you won't see many long legs in KC area. Some of it is the terrain and maps we've got. Some of it is just that we don't set many long legs.

But it looks like the longest leg is about 750 meters. On a 15 km course, that's a bit absurd.
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