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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What does Norway need?


What does Norway need?

An orienteering development philosophy.

That's the two sentence summary of an article from OPN.

If I understand the Norwegian correctly, the article makes the case that Norway has been without a philosophy or model and that at the national team level the focus changes with each coach. Anders Garderud focused on developing running speed to prepare for the WOCs in continental terrain. While the current coach - Petter Thoresen - is focusing on technique. The two coaches between Garderud and Thoresen had their own ideas, too.

The article notes:

There are examples of other nations that have had great success and have built up a philosophy about developing elite athletes.

As I read the OPN article, I was struck by the parallel with an article Dan Chissick wrote about orienteering in Israel.

I'm not sure USOF has any sort of philosophy for developing orienteering athletes. Without really thinking about it, I'd describe the US approach as - it is up to each individual to develop as they want. It isn't necessarily a bad approach given the nature of the US. It probably isn't the best way to increase chances of elite success.

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posted by Michael | 8:21 PM


Without really thinking about it...

PG, pleading ignorance, are you agreeing with Spike about USOF philosophy (and of course the COF is the same I think, although Vancouver might be different)?

I can think of a few on the Canuck's side.
No, I'm deploring (obviously not clearly enough) his willingness to make a blanket statement about something without giving it some serious thought (and research).
Thanks PG for clarifying.

Now are you talking present or historic and any examples?

Or we can wait for Spike to do some research.
I probably shouldn't admit that I haven't given something much thought. It works better to just state a strong conclusion as a fact than call anyone who disagrees a nasty name. More like a political blog!

What conclusion does one come to after serious thought and research?

It would be interesting to give some serious thought to in which people any USOF-level orienteer development philosophy might lie. Coaches or other administrators might have such philosophies already, or if not, might consider developing them in the future. I wonder if these philosophies or actions based on them tend to get transferred to targeted orienteers in USOF?
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