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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday's second sprint course


This is the sprint course from the second race yesterday. I didn't run the race. I made the map (which is still in progress) and set the course.

The challenge in setting the course was to keep the distance short and to try to find some way to force some map reading. The purple area on the map hasn't been fieldchecked. It is mostly flat forest. You wouldn't go through it when the summer vegetation is out.

I tried to have a few simple route choice problems in the beginning (legs 2, 3 and 6). My intent was that the different options should jump out at you, and that the better route should be pretty clear. I think the best routes are: left on 2; right on 3; and right on 6 (i.e. begin going south on the gravel road, turn left as soon as possible, then straight on the purple line to the control). I think most people went left on 6.

I couldn't see good route choice options once the runners left the north end of the map, so I went with short legs with direction changes near the finish. It might have been worth making the legs a little more difficult by having them less visible. It wasn't really planned for spectating, but it turned out well. You could watch the runners as they took the last 5 controls.

I added control 7 late in the course planning. After testing a version of the course with controls only at the far north end and the area around the finish, I decided that something to break up the long run on the trail would be nice. It doesn't take much navigating, but it forces you to look at the map a couple of times. I was a bit worried that the orienteers might skip the 7th control. Nobody did.

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