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Saturday, March 07, 2009

A few notes on the Lupine Tesla


I came across a short review/comment about the Lupine Tesla on the discussion at Alternativet. I figured it was worth a few minutes to (roughly) translate it. Someone named "OP" posted:

I've had a Tesla since November and am happy with it. The battery lasts the advertised 3 hours at full strength. My first reaction when I got the package was, "they sent it without the battery?" The battery is about as wide as my Sony Ericsson K630 but twice as thin and not as high. Ridiculously small for how much you get out of it.

The light isn't as strong as a Mila Nova, but it is enough to blind me if I put up my hand in the beam. As has been said before, the beam is a bit narrow but the light is enough to read the map and the beam is broad enough that you can read the map without having to hold the map up to your face.

[The translation of the previous sentence is a bit rough. If I understand it correctly, he's describing two parts of the beam - a narrow spot and a broader, but not as bright, beam. That broader part is enough to easily read the map]

I really have only one (minor) complaint: Lupine's headband is a little uncomfortable with a plastic bit right in the middle of the forehead, but I've gotten used to it.

I've been using a Lupine Tesla since November, just like OP. I had the same reaction as OP to the battery and the light beam. I can't compare it to a Mila Nova. I didn't find the headband uncomfortable.

I can't remember where, but I think I saw some info about an orienteering-specific Lupine headband. I don't see it at Lupine's web page, so it might be something I'm just imagining.

I think the biggest surprise was that the difference between the lowest power and the highest power wasn't as dramatic as I'd expected. I think the lowest setting is something like 35 percent of the highest power. But at the lowest setting there is plenty of light for running night O' (I'd say it is comparable to my old Silva halogen at 20 watts) but a fully charged battery would give you something like 20+ hours of burn time.

Going from a halogen to an LED light meant going from somewhat yellow light to a clean white light. I don't have trouble with the halogen-yellow, but I noticed that the white light does a better job of picking out rusty barbed wire fences.

Here is a link to Lupine's Tesla web page.

And here is a link to what I wrote soon after I first began using the Tesla.


Here is a link to the O' specific Lupine "headbelt."

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