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Monday, January 26, 2009

Some lessons from sketch maps


The map shows a course from a training in Norway. The orienteers drew simplified sketch maps of the course. Jan K. did some analysis of the various sketch maps.

Below is his sketch map. The blue marks indicate features that many of the sketch maps didn't include that Jan K. suggests should be included.

Here are just a couple of comments from his analysis (roughly translated):

On the way to the 3rd control it was very useful to have the small house on the map. You saw it from the control and it gave you an easy way to the trail.

The tower behind the 5th control was excellent for finding the control - you could see it a little bit away from the 4th control - the rest of the leg was simple. Some of the runners who boomed the 5th control didn't have the tower on the map.

On the way to the 7th was a very distinct knoll in the middle of the leg....Many of the runners who didn't have the hill on the map boomed the control.

Looks like it must have been a fun training session. You can read the complete story and see some more sketch maps.

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posted by Michael | 8:27 PM


To me the retrospective use of a sketch promisses more of a learning effect.

See this article here in german.
If you measure the time one is looking on the map to get the information for his sketch (not the sketching itself) and calculate this as a malus to his running time, this could be intressting.
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