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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have to make the trip at least once in a lifetime


"What would be your top 5 "have to make the trip at least once in a lifetime" type races?"

That's a topic over at Mary's log on Attackpoint.

Without giving it much thought. My top 5 include 3 that I've already done:

Oringen Swedish 5-Days - 10,000+ orienteers. Nice weather (if you're lucky). Nice terrain (if you're lucky).

Tio Mila - ideally you're running a night leg. Cruddy weather makes it an extra special experience. (Jukola is runner-up).

Forested sand dune terrain
- it doesn't make much difference where you run on this stuff. It is fun.

Here are the 2 that I haven't (yet!) done:

Venice Street O' - Amazing setting. The orienteering looks interesting and challenging.

Czech Sandstone terrain - sort of like Venice without the tourists and water (i.e. Amazing setting with good orienteering).

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posted by Michael | 8:46 PM


You should add Jukola's 1st leg. Starting a night race with 1450 other runners was an unforgettable experience.
Plus if O-ringen is up there mostly because of the 10000+ runners then Jukola has some 40000 in the competition centre enjoying the race.
you also should run the 24h Relay in Thueringen / Germany wich is held every two years.
Both are good ideas.

I've visited Venice twice but both were before I orienteered. Wonderful city and so many sights. After hundreds of years of foot traffic, it would be hard to follow the elephant tracks there.

I think I'd rather do Venice than tramp through the woods with 10K+.

I did the summer groove adventure race up on Lake Michigan and they had forested sand dunes. Interesting but was done on USGS maps so it doesn't count I guess.
Jukola is 10times better then 10mila!
I haven´t thought this one over yet for myself - but at least I´ve already done your "Top 5" (including 1st leg at both Tiomila and Jukola as suggested above, while my Jukola had a mere 700 runners on the start line).
I know a lot of folks prefer Jukola to TioMila. I put TioMila higher. I like that there is more night orienteering. I like that it has more legs.

Venice - at the time of my experience there were no floods - there was even sun, so I was really lucky! Interesting, nothing special comparing to Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!!
About Check terrains: http://picasaweb.google.com/andrazokb/EKa1822608#5214822026121911506
not bad, but try Slovenia:
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