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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Trail Race at Wyandotte


I ran a race this morning put on by the Trail Nerds. The course starts on the south edge of the map and goes clockwise. Most of the course is on fairly narrow trails and there's a fair amount of climbing (the contours are 3 meter).

My main conclusion from the QR is that I should stop eating so much food if I want to be able to run up the hills a bit faster.

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posted by Michael | 5:17 PM


I ran this the year the Trail Nerds advertised it as a 10K race (2 years ago?). It came out 4 miles and they've stayed with that distance. With the climbs, the 4 miles was enough. Glad you represented OK for the Nerds.
I saw Gene's pictures on the web site for the inaugural event. It looked like it might have gone a bit off trail that year. Was this all on trail this year? I thought about doing it but the bed felt awful good that morning.

One short section was not on trails - a very steep climb through some very open forest. Everything else was on trails or crossing open fields.

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