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Sunday, November 16, 2008

An old scheme to motivate orienteers to train


Brent wrote something about motivation that reminded me of something I wrote a long time ago (well before the web...maybe back in the early 1980s) about a scheme to motivate runners in an O' club. I don't have what I originally wrote, but the idea was something like this:

Everyone "enters" the training season by paying an entry fee. The fee would cover the cost of maps and a bit extra. It could be set to give juniors a break (and maybe soak those over 35 a bit more). Ideally, the club also puts in some cash and/or a little bit of sponsor cash (or gift certificates or something). The idea is to get a pool of resources that will cover the basic costs of printing maps and have something left over.

The club puts together a schedule of training events - maybe 2 a week for 3-4 months. The training events would focus on O' technique.

The club budgets for the costs of maps and for printing up some T-shirts. There should be some money left over.

Everyone who entered, earns points for attending or organizing a training session. Maybe you'd get a point for attending a training and 2 for organizing a training.

Everyone who gets at least X points, gets a T-shirt (a bit like Dog Days).

If you set the entry fees correctly and matched some of that with money from the club and/or some sponsorship, then there is some leftover. The leftover would be divided among the people who entered and got at least X points. Basically, you'd divide it based on how many points everyone earned. So, if the group of people earned 100 points, a runner who earned 25 points would get 25 percent of the leftover. The leftover earnings could be used to enter O' meets or buy O' gear.

I've no idea if this scheme would actually work. The idea is to reward people for training, without spending much money. It is supposed to reward process rather than performance, and to encourage people to organize training sessions.

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