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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dark night O'


I had headlamp problems at last night's race. About 25 minutes into the course, a wire pulled out of the plug to my battery. One minute I was running along a little trail. The next minute I was standing in pitch black. Fortunately, I wasn't standing in the pitch black for long. I had a little Petzl lamp with me. I spent a few minutes diagnosing and trying to repair my main headlamp (a Silva 10/20 watt halogen light I bought in 1989). No luck.

I continued orienteering with the Petzl, but moved a good bit slower. The Petzl gives enough light to read the map and to see the trail. But, once I left the trail, my pace dropped.

I repaired the plug this afternoon. Hopefully my trusty old Silva will be good as new. Though I think it might be time to shop for a new headlamp. LED seems to be the way to go. There are a lot of options and I'm not sure which option will work out best. I guess a little more research is called for.

Downtown map update

Here's the current version.

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I can't afford one right now but my next light will be a Dinotte. Ask Ryan Slebos next time you see him. He is a light geek and has more info than you'll bear to hear on the Dinotte. We borrowed on for the Dusk 2 Dawn race and it was bright, even and lasted all night. Very nice.

Ryan mentioned the Dinotte at the JT Road Trip. I spent some time today drooling over web pages for the Petzl Ultra and the Lupine Tesla X.

http://www.scurion.ch/ in cooperation with me and Marc Lauenstein is developing a LED-headlamp for orienteering... pure pleasure. :-)
Looks like some good stuff....sorry to read:

"USA: Sorry, we would like to serve you too but for the moment we stopped delivering to US-customers untill we find a way to handle our risk with US-product liability."

That Tesla looks nice and light. Comparable to the Dinotte in brightness as well. I like the multiple settings as well.

That Tesla looks nice and light. Comparable to the Dinotte in brightness as well. I like the multiple settings as well.

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