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Monday, October 06, 2008

Some ideas from Manny


A bit of orienteering conventional wisdom is to analyze you mistakes and learn from them. Basically, that's a sound idea and orienteers, who tend to be analytical types, like looking at their mistakes. But, you can become too focused on what you do wrong. A NY Times story about Manny Ramirez, the baseball player, caught my eye yesterday. Here is some of the article:

While Rodriguez [i.e. A-Rod of the NY Yankees] practiced tirelessly, his preparation often changed depending on how he was hitting. Overthinking tended to make things worse, but that is not a problem with Ramírez.

“The one thing Manny doesn’t do is get in his own way,” Mattingly [former NY Yankee, former A-Rod hitting coach, and currently Ramirez' hitting coach] said. “He’s got confidence off the top. He can get out twice, and he’s not bothered. He’ll come back and say: ‘I got myself out. It’s O.K. He better not miss.’ He’s that confident. He does the same thing all the time, and he doesn’t change.”


“His mentality is perfect for the playoffs,” said Lowe, who also spent four years with Ramírez in Boston. “What I mean by that is, he strikes out two times yesterday, and I tell him, ‘Manny, you feel bad for the guy, you trying to help him out?’ And he says, ‘I’m O.K., Papi, we’ve got a long way to go.’ That’s the way he thinks. He puts no pressure on himself, and he never lets one at-bat affect another.”

Lowe said Ramírez might be the most prepared hitter he has known. But Ramírez does much of his work away from the park, Lowe said, and when he shows up, he acts goofy so people do not take him too seriously.

Some interesting points:

Overthinking tended to make things worse...
He puts no pressure on himself...
He never lets one at-bat affect another...
Ramirez might be the most prepared hitter he has known...

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