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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Downtown Sprint Map


I started a new mapping project this week - about 8 blocks of downtown Lawrence. Here is a bit of the work in progress.

I started the project because the weather was nice and I decided that spending 30 minutes of my lunch hour working on the map would be fun. It has been.

I don't know what I'll do with the map. I suppose it could be used for some low-key training or to show people what an orienteering map looks like. It probably isn't practical to use it for an event because of the amount of traffic.

The map makes downtown look dreary - nothing but pavement. But, in fact, downtown is full of trees. Trees are planted along the sidewalks on Mass (the street with the angled parking on the east edge of the map bit above) and between the parking stalls in the parking lots. The next photo (lifted from a KU web page) gives you a idea of how the street looks. The photo is taken from a spot on the map.

Fast orienteering

The map is Mats Troeng's quickroute from today's World Cup race in Switzerland. Look how fast he was going in the forest. The shades of green are right around 3:30 to 4:00 minutes per kilometer. The men ran 8.1 km with a winning time around 35 minutes. Fast.

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posted by Michael | 7:19 PM


In urban areas you should use the thin (0.07mm) black line only (for better readability), shouldn't you? I can see you've used both (also 0.14mm) of them ;-)
In the large parking lot on the west (between the two buildings), one of the medians is mapped as all white, and the other is mapped as pavement with white rectangles...

Looking at Google Maps, I can't see a discernible difference. Is there at the ground level?
I've also misused the symbol for paved path.

Patrick, yes there is a difference. The one with the paved path has a sidewalk running along it, the other doesn't.

You haven't put the trees in yet? They would soften the harshness of the map, and provide nav and control features.

Looks fun.
I don't think I can put the individual trees along the sidewalks - the symbol is too large. For an orienteer, having the trees wouldn't really help.

You can shrink the symbol size as required to fit/work, but definitely the trees should be there.
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