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Thursday, July 10, 2008

US WOC goals


With the WOC just around the corner, I thought I'd dig out the WOC goals:

Here are our goals for the Team at WOC.

!. Have as many athletes qualify for as many A finals as possible.
2. Beat Canada in the relay.
3. For athletes who do not qualify for the A final in an event, get as close to 15th as possible (i.e. 16th is better than 20th is better than 25th....

We don't yet have goals for performance in the A finals because at this point we feel that meeting the goal of making an A final should not then be devalued by not meeting some additional goal in the A final. As we get better, this will change. We also don't yet have specific placing goals for the relay, though that also is coming.

I took a quick look at maprunner's WOC database to see how the US did in 2007 (though I don't know that the team had the same goals in 2007):

Qualify for finals:

The US had one qualifier in a final - the women's sprint.

Relays vs. Canada:

The women beat Canada; the men didn't.

Near qualifying:

The US had several near misses (places 16th through 19th) on the women's side. The men weren't as close (places from 23rd to 32nd).

The team has a blog that they've been updating. It is worth a look.

Back to okansas.blogspot.com.

posted by Michael | 8:08 PM


I am not very impressed by these goals.

Number 1 and 3 are difficult to evaluate. I would think that most of the US competitors have a small possibility to qualify for the finals if they have a really good day and everything is going perfect for them. So how do you audit their performance?

Number 2 is very much dependent on how the Canadians are doing. Whouldn't it be better if both teams were doing well and the Canadians were ahead of USA, rather than having two poor North American races?
Mats, I see your point. Do you have better suggestions?
Something like this perhaps:
1. At least one qualifier for each distance (men or women) and qualifiers from both sexes during the week. (Maybe not realistic this year, but a goal for future WOCs?)

2. Relay: Top 15 for women, top 20 for men.
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