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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Quickroute from Stoll Park sprint


I ran a sprint at Stoll Park today. Here's the QR:

I thought the leg 1-2 was interesting for a sprint course - three routes to look at. I don't know which route is fastest.

I was confused within the circle at 3. I thought the marker would be on the little stream. When I got to the stream I didn't see a marker. I looked around a bit, thinking it might be tucked behind a tree. Then I read the description and realized it was at the vegetation boundary.

Control 6 was a bit sketchy. You can see from the QR where the control actually sat.

12 was not hung in the right place and the map was a bit sketchy in the area. I spent about 4 minutes looking around for it.

It looks to me like it took a bit of time to get back up to speed after each control. More time than I'd have thought or wanted. That might be something to work on.

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posted by Michael | 8:03 PM


Bummer 4 min around 12... Don't think my legs would have held up with the fast speed needed to get around. Was that a sidewalk to nowhere from the last control to the finish? How was the turnout?
12 was just in the wrong spot. It was actually about 50 meters south of the center of the circle.

Turnout was great. Maybe 30 people did the sprint (lot of kids).

That sidewalk to nowhere is a bit strange.

Contours from lidar? Looks like lots of unsmoothed jaggies in the lines. I like that word - "jaggies." It would make a cool AP name. Actually, someone has it already (kindof).
Eddie, yes those are lidar contours. I think PTOC got contours from the county GIS rather than using the data to create contours themselves.

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