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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Head to head against Aspleaf


Aspleaf posted his map from Jukola 1991. I have lots of good memories from that race. So, I clicked on his map to take a closer look. It turns out Aspleaf and I went head to head (though we had different forks and may have had different legs (the 4th and 5th legs were forked). Here's my map:

I had a very nice run - passing more teams than passed me and bringing us up to 30th place. It was definitely one of my better runs.

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posted by Michael | 7:55 PM


Great Jukola terrain in '91! I'm heading for my first Jukola in a couple of days and even though I'm 40 years old already (about time to attend) I'm as excited as a kid getting a lollipop. I'm running the 3rd 'legendary' night leg which is listed as 13,0 – 13,2 km this year in Tampere with 81 minutes as optimal time. I'll be happy with 2 hours. There are over 1,400 Jukola teams and our team's goal (Turun NMKY II) is to finish somewhere around 500th-600th place.
In the results from 1991 (http://www.jukola.com/tulokset/en/j1991_ju/ju/tilanne/5/0/), you appear to be listed as "??". Was that your nickname back in the day? Nice run! Just five minutes down on Steve Hale!
What's the best-placed team you've ever run on at Jukola or Tiomila? I'm curious what the US record is.
My best so far are 117th in Jukola and 40th in Tiomila.
For some reason the entire IFK Lidingo 2 team is named "??" As best I remember, the team was Per Spik, Stig Thunnel, Erik Gyllenstierna, Lars Holmgard, ME, Ingemar Stenbeck, and Kjell Oberger.

My best Jukola result was 1991 - I think we finished 48th or 49th. Just a guess is that my best TioMila was a place around 85th.

As far as a US record, I'd guess your 40th in TioMila and my top 50 at Jukola are good bets. Maybe Tom Hollowell has a better result? Maybe Swampfox? I don't really know.

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