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Monday, January 14, 2008

Wingstedt on priorities


Emil Wingstedt posted a comment at Alternativet about priorities. If you can manage Swedish, it is worth a read. If not, here is the gist of some of what he posted (roughly translated):

...For several years I've skipped a lot of competitions and other activities - both at the club and national team levels. This year, and previous years, I've done that with the understanding of the national team, in order to have the plan that suits me best.

I consider several things when I decide my season plan:

Travel. Travel days reduce training time and hurt recovery. Travel should be minimized.

Money. As long as we don't get paid by the federation and have to hold a normal job, every training camp means I lose income. Every training camp has to be evaluated based on the number of vacation days I've got. If someone is interested in what it costs to focus on orienteering, consider that you've got 2 extra years of studies and student loans, plus a part-time job (50-60 percent) for the rest of your competitive career. Of course, your costs are lower compared to others because you don't have time for regular vacation travel or shopping ;-) In a good year - i.e. when you win a world championship - the performance bonus from the federation is basically a wash compared to working full time (that's just a fact, not a complaint).

Family. With 2 small children at home, my spouse has a lot of work when I'm gone. Even if I skip a lot of activities, I have to be away some days, like under championships, etc.

Nobody would be happier than me to be able to attend more activities. But for the reasons above, and a strong desire to perform well at championships, I've chosen to make some sacrifices. So far it has given good results, and that is probably the most important thing for the federation's point of view....

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Like most things from Emil, well put. Thanks for posting it!
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