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Monday, December 31, 2007

Re-dissecting Boris


It has been a year since I dissected Boris' training (see part I and part II), so I figured it was time for a follow-up.

I brewed a cup of good coffee, got a home made scone out of the oven, and sat down at the laptop with a browser pointed to Boris' log at Attackpoint.

I was curious to see what sort of changes Boris had made after another year of training and racing in Sweden.

What I found was that Boris' 2007 training was very similar to 2006. Here are some comparisons of 2006 and 2007:

Total training hours: 454 and 466
Orienteering hours: 212 and 218
Running hours: 147 and 181
Strength hours: 31 and 35

When I saw those similarities, I stopped. I didn't see any point in spending the time it'd take to read through a full year of training entries. So, I just ate my scone and drank my coffee.

I think one change Boris made to his training which doesn't clearly show up in the info above is that he's put a bit more emphasis on running faster.

I look at Boris' log a few times a week. So, I wasn't really surprised that he hadn't changed his training a whole lot. But, I guess I was surprised at how similar the training was over two years. I wonder (and if I get inspired, I can probably find out) how often people put in back-to-back training years that are so similar.

When I look at how people train, I don't usually look at how well they race. But, I couldn't help myself this time. Boris has two really good years of training behind him. I'd hope to see some decent improvement in results. I look at his log most days and I've seen his training and racing results appearing to improve. Certainly, he has fewer bad races (and the races he considers disasters know are better than the races he'd consider disasters a few years ago). But, I was looking for something a bit more systematic. So, I looked at his world ranking page.

The world ranking results show some clear improvement over the two years. Though I don't have a good understanding of the world rankings or of how other orienteers have changed over a two year period. Still, it looks to me like movement in the right direction.

That said, there is one glaring bad result in 2007 - the WOC middle distance qualifying race. 2006's glaring bad result was the JK middle distance race.

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posted by Michael | 8:32 AM


I think we should dissect Boris for real - alien autopsy style! Look for his gall bladder. See if his blood really is orange (thats the word on the street). Maybe saw him in half and count the rings. I bet the outer two rings are wider than average due to his excellent training.
For elite runners they are judged not on the overall training training they do, but on the result they produce in the highest race available that year. After years of good training, the verdict comes down to one hour on one day in one year.
This brings to mind the old question; what is more important, the journey or the destination.
BTW this reminds me of what I do to students at school.
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