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Friday, December 28, 2007

O' Fashion Continued...


Patrick's latest designs...


Jim Ryun Throwback:

Modified Status Quo:

Comments are open and appreciated.

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posted by Michael | 6:33 PM


I vote for the checkerboard.

I have a few sub-options for the first two designs.

For the checkerboard, one option doesn't have the "Orienteer Kansas" stripe on the back (less clutter). The "Orienteer Kansas" wordmark would be on each sleeve, where the sleeve numbers would be on a football jersey, for example.

Also, with the Jim Ryun throwback design... the front is rather plain, and another option would be to have a horizontal stripe on the chest that goes under the square logo.

Also, since I know that various monitors do crazy things with that shade of pink. It's intended to be a neon fluorescent pink, like a highlighter (or KU track), not necessarily a hot pink from a dress or lipstick.
I'd go with the status quo. But since I'm not an OK member, why would I get a vote?
Hey Patrick!

I love all your designs. I especially like the checkerboard pink one because using design features from other sporting events is very hot right now; the checkerboard pattern from Nascar, the colors from retro KU track, the jersey design from cycling. Oz has a cycling jersey with orienteering motifs which I think is pretty cool.

Also, I like to wear bright neon pink or orange while in the Kansas woods, especially during hunting season!

Happy New Year to you!
I still like the checkerboard. OK has a reputation to uphold.
The checkerboard is ok by me; although it kind of reminds of Purina animal feed bags. How about on the status quo making the blue panels that run along the black pink. Or maybe the front and back panels of the sleeve pink with the blue over the shoulder separating them.

I think Spike looks absolutely ravishing in pink. You definitely need to get some in the design.
RE: How about on the status quo making the blue panels that run along the black pink?

Can't. Those panels are made with special AirLite fabric that only come in 6 colors.

RE: Or maybe the front and back panels of the sleeve pink with the blue over the shoulder separating them.

Again, can't, as those are AirLite fabric panels, too. Personally, I really, really, really want to keep the sleeves all the same color.
I prefer the Jim Ryun Throwback. Really do not care for the checkerboard (and how many of those people voting for it would actually be wearing it??). If I'm going to pay good money for another OK top, I'd like something a bit different from the Status Quo, to justify it.
Okay, now I've read the comments from the earlier post when just the checkerboard design was offered. I must admit, the checkerboard design is growing on me ... so I guess I'd accept either of the pink & blue designs. But I agree, we must get back to our pink & blue roots. (Yes, to EricW, I think, an earlier OK suit was pink & light blue; I think we got those in 1987 or 1988 because I remember having it in Sweden & washing a lot of the color out in their intensely strong washers.)
I have a thought that it would be very interesting to have an orienteering relief map blown up and used as a design on the top, instead of the checkerboard. Where you might have controls normally on an O map, you could use the OK logo and any other information you want to add. It could work, and would have really interesting integrity with your sport.

I wish I could sit at the drawing table with you!
Slow in responding to the pink & blue question - after all, I'm an M60 now. The Ryun throwback is weak on the pink part. The Mt Oread Bike Club (in the 1970s) had pink and blue jerseys; the pale pink wasn't the hot "cerise" of the KU track uniforms. The worst part was using a navy blue pipping for the edging. The pink on the throwback, in my opinion, looks like a similar edging mistake. Even an M60 would wear the checkerboard design if we go that way. It's Maryland-esque enough, I could see Linthicum in it, at least once.
The status quo is useable, but as Jane Betros had once said not the "sartorial splendor" OK was known for.

Patrick, your work in fleshing out a popping design is so much in the OK tradition. Rock (Chalk) on!
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