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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gueorgiou in Halden


Halden's newspaper ran a story about Thierry Gueorgiou when he was in Halden a week or so ago. I've translated (roughly) a few bits of the story:

"I like to train. That's necessary to reach the top. And I've got the experience in what I'm doing. That helps me reduce mistakes."


"I traveled around Europe to go to orienteering races a lot when I was young. Orienteering isn't a big sport in France, but for me it was the most important thing."


As a 17 year old, he made it to the French national team and he had his WOC debut as a junior at Grimstad, Norway, in 1997.

"My result was nothing special. But Petter [Thoresen], ten years older than me, won again. So, I knew I had many more years." he said.


Gueorgiou the perfectionist became even more of a perfectionist. He left nothing to chance in his orienteering technique training....From a 50th place in 1997, he finished 24th in the WOC two years later in Scotland. In Finland in 2001, his 13th place was his best result. And then the big step was taken. He won the world championship in the middle distance in Switzerland.

"That was evidence that I'd done it right. It motivated me to keep working on the small details," he said.

Since then he has won 5 world championships, including 2 this August. The latest win has a special history.

"I made a mistake in the middle distance at the WOC last year and finished 4th. I lost a lot of sleep over that and that a lot about what I'd done wrong. I wasn't going to let that happen again. I "terpet" [I've got no idea what "terpet" means] that a lot in training. It gave results this year."

Gueorgiou is quoted as saying orienteering "isn't a big sport in France." At Thanskgiving dinner one of our guests was a French researcher at KU who said, "Orienteering? It isn't a sport. It is something people do as recreation, not a sport." He had no idea France had a world champion orienteer.

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posted by Michael | 12:32 PM


according to the dictionary:
terpe - cram, grind.
Basically it means that he trained a lot at NOT doing that mistake, so he would never do it again.
Gueorgiou is right: orienteering in France has some good elites but the federation is small (around 6000 regular members I think) and struggles a lot to attract more people as well as to get recognition from the media.

Still it's better than here in Montreal.
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