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Friday, October 05, 2007

Some words from Heli


An email arrived with a translation of a bit of the Finnish TV interview with Heli Jukkola. Keep in mind that Heli spoke Finnish, which was translated to Swedish, which I'm translating (quickly) to English. Certainly Heli's comments lose something in that chain of translation.

How do you prepare yourself before a competition and what is the most important thing you think about before a competition?

All kinds of things go through your head before a race.

But there must be some limits?

Yes. And that is was the preparation is about. In the last month before a race I think about everything that might happen during the competition. Then as I get closer to the competition I narrow the field months - thinking about fewer and more important things. And just before the performance, I try to think only of how I'm going to complete the race and NOT AT ALL about my goals; or how my preparation and training has gone; or if I'm in good form or not. I think ONLY about the peformance - the type of the competition and how I will orienteer.

I might be missing something in the translation, but it sounds like Heli is talking about focusing on process rather than outcome.

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Heli is a big star! Here she is signing autographs after winning gold in Ukraine:
Heli signs autographs

I had my picture taken with Heli at the WOC Banquet - camera was a little shaky tho. I'm a big fan. She's a tremendous competitor. It was really great to see her win gold this year.
I'm a finn and watchd the program. You pretty much got the right idea about her focusing on the race of the day, and not the outcome or furthermore about how the training and preparation for the race has gone. Focus on the moment and not the past.
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