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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why I "hate" Thierry Gueorgiou


He takes away the suspense. I woke up this morning, turned on the computer, wondering "who won?" Thierry Gueorgiou. No kidding. What about the women? Simone Niggli. No kidding.

Of course, I don't really hate Gueorgiou and Niggli. But, they do seem to take some of the uncertainty out of the sport.

When I looked at today's course, I have to say it looks like the organizers picked the terrain and designed the course to make sure Gueorgiou would win.

Maybe the organizers of next year's WOC will go out of their way to design a course that doesn't favor Gueorgiou....though I'm not exactly sure what that would look like.

Maybe I should just enjoy seeing Gueorgiou and Niggli...

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posted by Michael | 9:07 PM


I think this course is exaclty how a middle distance race should be: highest possible difficulty. If that's what Gueorgiou does best... be it. I still enjoyed following the race and see who comes in second and third...
I completely agree!
This is the middle distance concept! And Thierry do it in the best way.

So... vive le roi!

Cristian Bellotto
Changing the subject a little: have you ever seen an O map with Coke and McDonald's logos on it before? Kind of cool, in a warped way.
Esp for a map in Ukraine! Things have changed markedly since my visit 15(?) years ago. Can't believe how time flies. It's great to see the pictures of the current Kiev to counter the sad images from then.
So, not to keen on predictability?

Bet you loved the Long Final, then!
How can you hate someone who sounds like he's an aged cheese? Gueorgiou?

Hope you are having a good summer, Mike! Hi Mary!
In the Tour it use to be Lance - Lance - Lance. Should France put Thierry on a bike?
Changing the subject a little: have you ever seen an O map with Coke and McDonald's logos on it before? Kind of cool, in a warped way.
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