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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

9 Sick Orienteers


Just a very short note today...

I don't know how many orienteers had stomach troubles at the WOC, but I spent about 5 minutes looking at a few web pages and counted 9 reportedly sick orienteers (representing 6 nations). That's in just 5 minutes of looking.

Back to okansas.blogspot.com.

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One more to the list, I got diarrhea on Tuesday morning and 39.8C fever for the first night

My boyfriend was there and he told me that he could know what happened. During the competition he saw how several members of the organisation brought back the bottles of water (empty), what for?....during the last day (sprint) he asked for a new bottle of water and when the organisation gave him the bottle he saw that it wasn´t new !! (because it was open) and near of the competition center he saw how several persons of the organisation were using a public water source in order to fill the bottles !!!

To summarize, he thinks that a lot of people were ill because of the water...because they used public water, no prepared water !
At least 5 members of the US team are now sick. On the plus side we are all at home now and not racing.

Some more discussion about, I guess, sick orienteers at the WOC. I can't read the language, but Google translate gives some help.


Hmm, the guy who wrote that post you linked to above basically says that it's "the bourgeouis athletes' own fault" for drinking the water. Good to know the old Communist attitudes didn't die out with the USSR. Idiots.
Well, if they believe people got sick from drinking water directly from the tap, then I think it's alright to say that it's the athlete's own fault.

(I'm not communist, but I think it's unnecessary to pull the discussion down to a low level)

If someone gets a bad stomack, no matter from where, the illness may very easily spread amongst those who are around him/her. Even if those who get it haven't been exposed to the original source.
More discussion at:


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