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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Aspleaf's control hunt


Aspleaf posted some "control hunts" yesterday. The idea is to match up the controls to the map. On the color map it is pretty easy.

Aspleaf recommends using a black and white map to make it tougher.

Fun stuff.

Fake miniature photography

Clem commented, "How do you do this? It is a cool effect."

I used The Gimp and followed these directions. Here are directions for using Photoshop.

I was inspired to play around with fake miniature photos after seeing some photos in the NY Times "Play" magazine. Here is an audio/video presentation by the photographer who shot the photos in Play. The photos from the U.S. Open tennis (about 2 minutes into the presentation) really caught my eye in the magazine. The NY Times photographer, Vinent Laforet, used a tilt-shift lens to get the images. That works better than the software, but a tilt shift lens costs a lot.

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posted by Michael | 6:21 PM


Forgive me for sounding stupid, but i can't find any of those controls anywhere on the color map.
If you do you are really good :-)

The picture with the coloured maps are just a fragments of the whole map. It was just to show how my original looks. For some unknown reason all pieces came out with the same controlnumbers. Weird.

I have a new map (in colour) up on my site that you can print out and hopefully find the controls on.
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