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Friday, November 24, 2006

"Team chemistry"


I spent some time today thinking about selfishness and "team chemistry." Coincidentally, I also came across a couple of interesting comments about team chemistry and basketball.

Kelvin Sampson (former OU coach, current IU coach) was on SportCenter talking about chemistry. Sampson noted that the term wasn't well defined, but he'd say that it comes down to making good decisions about passing the ball and good decisions about shooting the ball.

And in today's Journal-World, I read an article about tonight's basketball game between Kansas and Ball State:

"I haven't been out of Kansas since summertime, so it's fun to be around the guys building team chemistry off the court," Arthur said.

Indeed, trips such as this one can be as important in terms of team bonding as well as the win/loss record.

"There are different phases every season where a team becomes a team, and a lot of times when you get a chance to get away from all the distractions around home, or around school, and hopefully this is the case," KU coach Bill Self said. "Hopefully, it will work well for us. Last year, it did not work well for us in Maui at all. Not that we lost, but that we didn't come out of it being a lot better. Hopefully that will not occur this trip. We were totally deflated when it didn't go well out of the chute last year."

This stuff doesn't have all that much to do with orienteering. Orienteering is primarily an individual sport, but a sport where we get together in clubs or national teams. So, "Ttam chemistry" - whatever that might be - might matter for orienteering like it does for a team sport like basketball.

More tips for OK's December 2 race

Be careful coming around blind corners. There are a few places on the campus map where you might round a corner on your way to a control and you could bump into someone leaving the control. Be careful. Remember the Bone-Smith crash in Denmark? Don't let it happen to you.

Keep in mind that the sure way to have a disaster in a sprint race is to skip a control. When you first get your map, look for the start triangle. Then look for 1. Go to 1. Look for 2. Go to 2. Look for 3. Go to 3. Don't go from 2 to 4. You get the idea.

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