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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Indoor Orienteering on Lidingo


The Swedish national team has been doing some indoor sprinting. Here is the map from the preliminary round.

The competition had three rounds. The first and third rounds used individual starts with 30 second start intervals. The second round used 3 parallel courses with 3 runners starting at the same time.

You can see PDF files of all three maps over at the Swedish O' Federation report from the race.

Here is a rough translation of a bit of the report:

"As a 'happening' during this sort of training camp, this was a perfect thing," said Goran Andersson, national team leader for the men and the person who initiated the competition. "The runners get something from this for all forms of orienteering. It is a great interval session and the intensive map reading sharpens technique."

So, Andersson describes it as a rational way to train. But, I have a darker theory. Perhaps Goran Andersson is out to drive Aspleaf crazy.

Course "fingerprints"

The indoor courses are good examples of the different "course fingerprints." If you download the PDF file and look at the courses, you see some clear differences. The first and third rounds have one general type of fingerprint, while the parallel course has another.

posted by Michael | 11:45 AM


I think you are right. There is a dark conspiracy against me at work here. They are planning to change the sport to something completely different before I have a chance to get back in shape. They have until 2011, when I join H45 and my legs work again, to work their dark deeds. Bastards!
The indoor sprint that was run at the Swedish National Team gathering this weekend got some rather harsh comments beforehand from the alternativet crowd.
In addition the 10 seconds of TV time they got earned them 'veckans kalkon' (turkey of the week' - as in turkey movie...).
This can well be fun once as some kind of 'happening' - but it´s certainly sad that this is just about the only thing that can get us some TV coverage...
Could you translate the legend? Some of it is pretty easy to guess (e.g. "kon" = "cone"), but other things ("reklambanderoll") are less obvious.
gräsyta = grass
golvyta = floor
bänk, passerbar = bench, crossable
bänk, opasserbar = bench, uncrossable
tält = tent
reklambanderoll = advertising banner
fordon = vehicle
brandsläckare = fire extinguisher
fotbollsmål = football (soccer) goal
kon = cone
roll up = (I don´t know, maybe some kind of screen - with ads?)
For some action try "mms://qstream-wm.qbrick.com/05130/soft/id.wmv" from the Swedish Orienteering homepage. It´s not the TV4 broadcast though, this is actually better...
This is interesting. The Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (www.oahk.org.hk) hosted an event called "100m Orienteering" as a Prologue to APOC '06.

There are some commentaries and articles about the event, but unfortunately they're all in Chinese (and Google can't seem to translate those pages into English). From what I read, it's very similar to the Indoor Orienteering you described here. It's supposedly held in an area of 100mx100m (indoor or outdoor). It's a grouped start (in 4-8 per) with folking, and it's head-to-head competition.

The purpose I think was to make it tv and spectator friendly. The All China games will be adopting it as one of its regular competitions.
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