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Friday, October 20, 2006

Home decorating


Aspleaf spent some time playing around with Photoshop and doing some home decorating. This is how I want my room to look (and I bet Mary would go along with it). I wonder how I'd go about getting an OCAD map blown up to wall size?

posted by Michael | 7:25 PM


Cool! Let's do it!
Well maps are art. Why not!

Extreme home makeover - O edition
yes, very nice makeover... but would you really choose that map? I'd much prefer a more technical map without that steep hill near the left map. Hills like that would bring on nightmares! But I'm sure there are many other tastes out there.
Hi! If I was allowed to do this in my house I would have choosen Lunsen, Karsta or some other nice technical map. When I made this in Photoshop I just googled for a huge map (with sharp and clean texture) to fit the bedrom picture (The bedroom is not mine but also googled). I hope someone can live my dream and do this in real life. Story of my life actually. I´m living my life through other peoples achievements :-)
You have a few options. You could go with wallpapering the wall using laser prints, and it would be easy to get 0CAD to spit the pieces out. You might have to do it in 11"x17" pieces unless you want to track down a service that can do bigger prints. With 11"x17" pieces, I think the paper could be produced for less than $100, then you'd have some work ahead of you to get it all pasted up. But laser prints aren't wallpaper, and I don't know if they'd have the durability you'd want.

Second option is to use a place that makes custom wallpaper, but I don't know if that would be cost effective or not.

A third possibility is to paint the wall white, and get a projector to project the map onto the wall. Then you could paint the wall by hand, which would be a lot of work, but could also be fun, and you could be very proud of the results. If you were to do it this way, the best approach might be to first show only the yellow areas, and paint them, and repeat for the green, brown, blue, and black. It would be like ink-drafting a map on an oversized light table. (You might want to pencil in the edges for each projection, then turn off the projector and do the painting, then move on to the next color.)
Niiiiice! Do it!
Cool idea! I have still one room left to renovate. I'll think about that, I would choose Lunsen or the map from the WC final 2006 in France!
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