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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why just 3000 meters?


From a discussion at Attackpoint about running speed...

Very interesting that the Norwegians use the 3000m as the test. Seems very short and fast to me - but probably important these days with so many shorter races at WOC than there used to be!

I'm pretty sure I know why the Norwegians use 3000 meters as a test distance. Obviously, it is easy to control and easy to compare times from year to year and place to place. But, maybe as important a reason is the graph below (lifted from Staff-valstad.com).

The graph shows you that at about 9 minutes you're running at about 95-98 percent aerobic. That's about the same as if you run for a longer time. If you run shorter, the aerobic portion declines. But if you run longer the aerobic portion doesn't really change. So a test run of about 9 minutes is the minimum you can use and get an aerobic/anaerobic mix that is just like a much longer race. There is no need to go any longer.

A longer test run would work, but it'd doesn't really give you any more information and it is just more draining. You could do a good warm up, run a 3000 meter test, jog a bit, and still have plenty left for a second session. But, if the test is 10K, that second session might not work.

Of course, I'm just speculating. Maybe I'm wrong.

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I wrote an article for one of our running magazines a few months ago, summarising various orienteering reserach on anaerobic performance (all from Sci Jo of O). You won't be able to read it because it's in Hebrew.
One of my conclusions was that good (fast) orienteers have anaerobic capacity similar to 3,000m runners and therefore that distance is a good predictor of orienteering speed. As it's based on existing research, I suppose lots of people know that.
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