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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ultra sprint


Ultrasprint is a competition where the area is small, but the map scale is big. Essentially everything is on the map - knee high cliffs, street signs, bushes and reentrants you didn't think existed.

Here are a couple of ultrasprint maps. Both clips show about 50 meters x 50 meters.

I've run on the second map and can tell you that ultrasprint orienteering is really fun. Running the course feels technically very intense. It takes full concentration. Losing map contact for just a few steps costs precious time.

posted by Michael | 9:09 PM


Do you use regular-sized controls? How high are they hung? Seems like at waist-height you might be able to see nearly everything in a 50m by 50m area....
The ultra-sprint rules says that the controls should be SI units only, with the beep switched off. Check out the webpage of DX Deluxe, the mother of all ultra-sprint events!
What's the contour interval on these maps?
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Michael - I happened upon your blog by accident (through a search). I just wanted to let you know that there are sport psychologists who are involved in orienteering, in fact, one is a faculty member of my grad program at Florida State University. His name is David Eccles and you can contact him at deccles@lsi.fsu.edu.

I started a blog on the field of sport psychology a few weeks ago if that interests you, as well - globalsportpsychology.blogspot.com.

Good luck,

Aaron Lewis
Aaron, yes I know of David Eccles. He was doing some research a year or two ago and interviewed me. He was fun to talk to.

I took a look at your sport pychology blog. I'll keep an eye on it.

I love that my page is listed with Malcolm Gladwell as a "cool blog"...and I also see links to Baseball Musings, a site I visit daily.
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