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Friday, June 23, 2006

My notes on how to run in the Scandinavian forest


I found my notes about how to run in the Swedish forest. These notes were idea about how to prepare for the 5-days given that I've got just a few days in Sweden before the races. The challenge is to go from training on comparatively smooth, firm surfaces to racing in soft, lumpy surfaces. Here are the things I plan to do to make that transition:

1. Do some technique training where I'm following a Swedish runner (like Magnus) and getting a feel for his line through the forest.

2. Think about how the running technique feels when you've got months of running in the forest in your legs. I know what it feels like to be comfortable and smooth running in Swedish forests. Your running style feels a little different -- more sitting-back, more upright upperbody, a different way of moving your legs.

3. Do some short O' technique courses (say 3-4 legs over about 1.5 km) that you run 2 or 3 times. Concentrate on smooth running and keep splits. See if you get faster as you get smoother.

4. Do the same thing, but with no navigation, just running in the forest. Wear a hrm and try to find a good, smooth (no thrashing) effort and pace.

Aspleaf wondering

Aspleaf wrote about Norwegian O' bloggers being more active than Swedish O' bloggers. He posed the question:

varfar sa manga Norska orienterare bloggar?

Which, in English is, "why do so many Nowegian orienteers blog?"

I've wondered that myself. My theory is that you can trace it back to Hanne Staff and Bjornar Valstad's page. They were the model for Norwegian orienteering bloggers. They made it cool.

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