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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thoughts on Boris' leg


I spent a little bit of time looking at the leg Boris ran and thinking about how I might run in.

A couple of features stand out in the first half of the leg and it looks like you could run fairly quickly in the beginning. As you left the control, a long set of knolls leads you northwest. From the end of that set of low knolls, you could probably spot the knolls with the cliffs on the other side of the marshes. If not, you could take a quick glance at the compass (or just orient the map by the shape of the first marsh) and head in the right direction.

The second half of the leg looks trickier. You could slow down and try to read lots of features. You could move a bit quicker if you could pick out the more distinct features. I suspect that the rows of knolls and, in particular, the little open marsh (circled in yellow) might be fairly distinct. Those features would get you to the ring. The control feature, a little outcrop, should be pretty distinct.

It'd take a lot of confidence to run the second half of the leg fast. Keep in mind that the contour interval is just 2.5 meters, so the hills aren't big.

I've only run on this particular map (Nasten) once or twice. But, I've run on similar maps (like Lunsen and Karsta) several times. These areas punish you if you lose contact and have to relocate. But, with some practice, you begin to pick out the type of feature that will be distinct. Still, this sort of terrain is never easy to orienteer through.

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