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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Okansas.blogspot.com Tio Mila team


The last few years I've picked a Tio Mila team for Orienteer Kansas. Check out last year's team as an example.

This year I decided to pick an Okansas.blogspot.com team. To make the team, you've got to write a orienteering blog that I like (and you get big credit for writing in English). I haven't put much thought into this, so I've probably left of some deserving runners...but here goes.

1. 14km Night: Sandy Hott Johansen leads off. Sandy's web page is one of the best around. Her positive, no B.S., hard working attitude comes through in nearly every entry.

2. 14km Night: Mats Froberg. Mats is a Swede, living in the U.S. His blog is in Swedish, and I wasn't planning to give him a spot on the team until I read his Tio Mila entry. I was inspired by his 1998 run on the long night (and it was fun to read about his race with my old club mate Jonas Giding).

3. 7km Night: I put myself on this leg. I probably don't deserve a spot on the team. But, hey, I'm picking the team so I put myself on it (and recognizing my limits, I'm only going to have to run 7km).

4. 18km Night: The long night goes to Holger Hott Johansen. It is tempting to hold Holger for the last leg. But, he seems to be in good form and I've got a good anchor leg in mind. Holger might be able to pull off a legendary long night -- breaking away and gaining minutes on the competition. Coming to North America this winter and putting on a training camp in Hamilton earns Holger high marks.

5. 7km Night: Kim Fageruud gets this short night leg. He writes his web page in Swedish, but I'll put him on the team anyway. He's got the capacity to do a longer, tougher leg. But, he's been injured, so he'll get a short one. Last year I spent a couple of hours reading Fageruud's page and training log and analyzed his training. It was an interesting way to spend some time at the computer and I feel like I got a pretty good sense of how he trains.

6. 9km Night/Dawn: Someone from GHO, whoever is in the best form at the moment. That might be Sudden, or maybe Hammer, or Patrick or someone else. I've been following GHO with interest as they implement a Scandinavian club model in North America. They've done a great job. I hope they'll inspire some other clubs in North America.

7. 9km Day: Oystein Kvaal Osterbo. He writes a no-frills blog with frequent updates (in English!) and lots of photos and maps. His page is one of the first places I look for maps from big races and his page is usually the first place I find the maps.

8. 7Km Day: He doesn't write in English, he isn't one of the world's best orienteers, but Aspleaf is one of my favorite reads. Aspleaf, despite his "gubbvader" (i.e. "old man's calves") can make his way around a 7km course.

9. 12Km Day: He doesn't write a blog (as far as I know) but he writes a bunch on his Attackpoint training log. Who is he? Boris! Boris has been living, studying and training in Uppsala since the beginning of the fall school semester. Following his training (which seems to be going great) and adventures is inspiring.

10. 16Km Day: Theirry Gueorgiou gets the anchor. Judging by his web page, Gueorgiou may be the world's biggest, greatest O' geek...and he writes in English.

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