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Sunday, April 23, 2006

A couple of quick translations


Before I forget it, a topic for a future day: "what is the U.S. O' federation good for?"

Nordberg's Week

Here is how Anders Nordberg trained last week:

Monday: Swedish elite series race 1:45
Tuesday: An hour easy jogging and a half hour strength
Wednesday: 1:30 O' technique training; 0:55 night O'; and 0:10 strength
Thursday: 1:15 easy jogging and 0:10 strength
Friday: 1:05 O' technique; 0:15 "hurtighet" [I'm not sure what that means. It sounds like some sort of speed or speanst training...anyone who knows what it means, please leave a note in the comments, thanks]; 0:30 strength

Yesterday he won a middle distance race in Sweden's elite series and today he finished 7th in the classic distance race in Sweden's elite series. It seems like he's in good form going into Tio Mila (and his club Baekelaget SK, while a bit of a long shot, might be a good outsider to bet on).

If you've been to Sweden, you'll recognize this

Aspleaf wrote a list of things he misses from orienteering competitions. Here are a couple of my favorites:

When you step down from the showers where you tried to get the shampoo our of your hair in the cold water. You usually step right in an old pasture that the showers are set up in and your feet stand in a mix of grass, cow pies, shower water, and discarded ankle tape.

All of the parking officials. There are always one or two who stand in the wrong place, right in the middle of the field, and point to the place you're supposed to park. Yes, yes, I'm going there...just like the 100 cars before me. Thank you.

Here in the U.S. we rarely park outside of parking lots. But, we still have the parking personnel at some events. I'm not exactly sure what they're up to. Sometimes I think it is a harmless spot to use a volunteer who doesn't have the skills to do something more useful. Sometimes I think it is just a job that some people must like.

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