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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Boom scale


I heard a story on NPR tonight about the "Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale." The scale is a new way to categorize snow storms. The scale combines the amount of snow and the population affected. They've got five different snowfall categories:

1. Notable
2. Significant
3. Major
4. Crippling
5. Extreme

The Okansas Boom Impact Scale

1. Notable - a boom that you notice but has little or no effect on your overall placing. Often these booms are little more than a hesitation or a loss of just a few seconds. Often these booms can be corrected on-the-run.

2. Significant - a boom that costs you some time and may cost you a place in the results. You feel like you've lost time, but it doesn't affect the rest of your race.

3. Major - a boom that costs you at least 30 seconds and often more. A major boom probably costs you one or more places. Recovering from this sort of boom requires some standing still and looking at the map carefully. A major boom often leads to a fight to get your concentration back on the next leg.

4. Crippling - a boom that costs minutes and places. Recovering from a crippling boom might take some serious relocation or bailing out to a clear feature. A crippling boom affects at least the next control and often several controls. You may struggle to regain concentration for several legs.

5. Extreme - a boom that costs minutes and places and wrecks the race. An extreme boom often involves some aimless running, hoping to bump into something useful and some standing still looking at the map with no idea of what is going on.

That's my fist stab. I'm open to revisions.

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