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Friday, January 27, 2006

A wierd experience


Here is the background. I hurt my ankle a few months ago. It is improving, but still not normal. When I run I feel some discomfort, in particular when the terrain puts pressure on the ankle. That happens when I run along a hillside with my right foot on the uphill side.

Now that you have the background, you can get to the wierd experience.

I spent some time carefully studying a map today. I'd just finished lunch (some chicken noodle soup, if you're curious) and was carefully studying the map. I was concentrating and really looking at each leg, picking routes, thinking about the route and what I'd see. I was looking at a leg where my route was along a steep hillside where my right food would have been on the uphill side. Without conciously thinking about it, I thought that my ankle hurt. I quickly revised my route, climbing more and getting to the flat top of the hill (which would ease the discomfort).

That's weird. My ankle obviously didn't hurt. I was just sitting at a table. But, as I was concentrating on the map and imagining the terrain, I became aware of my ankle. Strange, if you ask me.

GPS track from last night

Here is the track from last night's O' training. You'll note some bad orienteering (especially in the first bit (control 4, for example). If you're comparing this track to the map I posted yesterday, note that I had a different "fork" last night than is shown on the map I posted (i.e. I ran from the control labelled 1 on the map to the control labelled 6, then 7, then 4/8, then back to 1/5...)

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