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Monday, January 23, 2006

A few quick notes


Ski O' training

OPN has a short report on some ski O' training in the ski tunnel in Finland. Apparenlty it was too cold to ski outside, so the Norwegian ski orienteers did some technique/intervals indoors.

Take a look at the OPN story for a picture of the tunnel and the O' course. Notice how they've incorporated some map reading into an interval session in the tunnel.

Earlier this year I experimented a bit with some technique training on a very simple (and not especially accurate) trail map. I'm not sure if it was worth doing, but it made some workouts a bit more interesting. I guess that's the idea with the indoor ski O'.

Randy's photo O'

If you haven't seen it already, check out Randy's Photo O' post.

Orienteering with the stars?

As I type, Fox is showing "skating with the stars." The premise is that they've paired up professional skaters with celebrities for a ice skating competition. Wacky. (Mary just changed channels on the TV, so I guess I'll never know how it went).

Maybe we need an "orienteering with the stars" show. Actually, it might be kind of fun (maybe even interesting TV?) to try to teach some celebrities how to orienteer and then have a race.

Peter Gagarin could teach Mary Lou Retton how to read a map. How would Mary Lou stack up against, say, Justin Timberlake (having been instructed in the sport by Peggy)?

Jayhawk Basketball

is a web page about college basketball that I read most days. Today's comment about Kansas is interesting:

For those of you whose life is ruled by the RPI, you are missing what Kansas is doing. With an RPI of 112, they are not showing up in anyone’s “season ended today” bracket projections. But that’s precisely why those projections are of little value two months before the season really ends. I dare say were it not for four bad minutes (the last three against Kansas State and the last one against Missouri), more than a few people would be thinking that KU could challenge Texas for the Big XII title. Their defense is among the best in the land, and though their offense is wildly inconsistent, when it’s on, it too is among the best. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say they’ll be a top five team next season if everyone stays.

Last season Kansas won a number of very close games right at the end. Their record might have lead you to believe the team was better than it was. This year's team is different. They've lost a number of very close games right at the end. Maybe they play better than their record. In other words, if you just look at their record to predict how well they'll play in the coming games, you might be surprised.

At least I hope so.

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