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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Modig's winning race


Johan Modig won the Swedish champs and wrote about his race on his web page. I've translated a bit of it. Modig hasn't scanned in his map. But, you can see the course with Mats Troeng's routes. Here are quick translations of some of Modig's leg-by-leg comments.

Start-1-2: Nothing unusual. I had a good start and spiked the first two controls. I took the lead by two seconds, in other words a good starting speed.

2-3: I followed the straight line until the middle of the leg. I didn't look at my compass when I passed the marsh. I was too far to the right and when I reached the top of the hill I was a line too low. I couldn't make sense of it, but when I oriented the map I quickly understood my mistake. I estimate that I lost just over a half minute. I wouldn't be able to afford to be sloppy like that in the rest of the course.

5-6-7-8: When I came back through the finish area I found out I was 41 seconds behind Windstedt. Since I'd lost some time, hearing that information made me feel relaxed. I felt really good, though I'd only run about three km.

8-9: I got a drink and headed out again. I knew from experience that this would be a "critical" part of the face. There is a good chance of losing focus and concentration when you come through the finish area.

11-12: I judged the contours to be a little "rynkad" [I'm not sure sure what "rynkad" means] on the straight line, so I went a bit south, towards the corner of the felled area. Then I went into a green area at the little depression. Once again I was in a "critical" area -- there was a chance to get off the direction I wanted in the green area. On this leg, Mats went a bit to the left, nearer the straight line. I didn't miss the control, but I lost 25 seconds on the leg.

19-20: I left the control slowly before I'd decided to take a wide-to-the-right route choice. I followed the ride out to the forest road and then cut over to the small road. It felt good to have a little time to rest my brain. I decided that I wouldn't cut any corners. Cutting some corners might have been fast, but it would also have wasted energy. I felt really strong and Erik Andersson [who Modig caught on the way to 13] couldn't keep up. My route turned out to be really good and also saved some energy. I won the leg by 16 seconds, while Mats wandered a bit left of the straight line and lost over a minute.

That's enough translating for tonight. If you can read Swedish, go over to Modig's page and read his comments.

If you've been reading my page for a long time, you might remember that I wrote a bit about Modig's training. I would describe his training as unusual -- fairly low volume with lots of cross-training. You can find what I wrote by going to the archive for December 2004 and reading entries beginning with December 17.

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