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Friday, September 02, 2005

Micro O' training


At some point one of two things is bound to happen:

1. The IOF will scrap the plan to have mirco O' at the World Champs, or...

2. People will have to stop complaining and start training micro O'.

Here is the simplest way I can think of to train micro O':

You need two version of a map. One at 1:10,000 and the other at 1:5,000.

You need courses drawn on those maps. The course on the 1:10,000 map would look like a regular middle distance course. The course on the 1:5,000 map would look like a micro O' course (i.e. would have 5+ very short legs and would start at the end of the 1:10,000 course; ideally it would have several opportunities for parallel errors).

The whole session is run at race pace. There is nothing special about the course on the 1:10,000 map. You could have controls or vetting tapes put out, but that wouldn't be essential.

Immediately after running on the 1:10,000 map, you'd run the course on the 1:5,000 map. But for this course there are no flags or tapes set out. Your job is to put out tapes at the control locations, and you need to do it at race pace.

At the finish of the micro O' section, you could just stop. But, even better would be running another short course on the 1:10,000 map.

When you're finished running, go back to the micro O' section and see if you put the tapes out in the right spot. Grade yourself on how accurately you hung the tapes.

To me, this sort of session is easy to organize and would be fun. I think it would work to train the main skills needed for micro O'. It would even be good practice if you didn't plan to compete in micro O'.

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