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Saturday, January 08, 2005

M is for Meenehan's training


Dan Meenehan was one of the best U.S. orienteers in the mid 1980s. He ran a couple of WOCs and won a U.S. M21 championship.

I don't have enough data to go through my usual set of questions for Dan's training. But I've got a few observations based on how Dan trained back then.

Dan did a lot of 5K runs. I tagged along on a couple of these. He'd go out the door and take off. He'd run hard. The 5K course was flat and paved. I don't really remember how fast we ran that 5K, but I'm sure it was under 20 minutes. I think Dan did a couple of these a week.

In addition to the 5K runs, Dan did a long run in the forest. I tagged along on one of these. We ran at a place called Rockwoods. We ran up a hill, then down, then up, then down, and we kept that up for nearly two hours. The whole run was in the forest and on hills. We ran at an easy pace, but it was tiring because of all the climb.

Here is a topo showing the terrain at Rockwoods.

A couple of times I year, Dan would do a week-long training camp. Often the camp would be in Hudson Valley terrain. Dan also spent a bunch of time in the summers in Europe. In Europe, he ran in both continental and Scandinavian terrain. I think he liked Czech beer.

If he wasn't in Europe during the summer, Dan ran a lot of road races. The St Louis Track Club had (maybe still has) a race series in Forest Park. You predicted your time and the winner was the person closest to their predicted time.

The thing that stands out with Dan's training was that he didn't train much, but he trained effectively.

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