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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

How to read O-Sport


1. Tear open the envelope and hold the magazine in your hands, studying the glossy cover photo. This is going to be good, so just savor the moment for a few seconds.

2. Sit down and go page-by-page through the entire magazine. Don't stop, just get a sense of what is in the issue.

3. Quickly read the editorial on page 3. The editorial probably won't be very interesting, but it is the chance for the editor to have a few words and it is worth taking a look at.

4. Start paging through. Stop at the first article about Thierry Gueorgiou. Whatever the article is, read it. If you don't come to an article about TG, read the interview with the top elite runner that you're bound to hit in the second half of the magazine.

5. Take a break. You don't want to go through the whole magazine in one sitting.

6. Next time you pick up the magazine, flip through and read whatever strikes you. Take another break. I'd recommend you sit in a comfortable chair with a good cup of coffee.

7. Start working your way through the maps. Spend plenty of time with each map. Study the routes and splits. Imagine the terrain. Spread the magazine out on a table in front of you and orient the map as you study each leg (I like to do this in public where people must notice me sitting there looking at the magazine, turning it half a turn as I reorient the map, then studying it some more...do they think I'm nuts?). Spend a bit of time each day looking at those maps.

8. Once you've worked through the maps and articles, you're not done. Look at each ad. The ads are bringing money to the publishers and you want the magazine to stay in business. Silently thank the advertiser and take a look at the ads. If the ad has a URL, make a note of it and look it up some time.

9. Go back and look at the photos. Study the photos. How does Simone carry her SI card? Check it out.

10. Pick out names. Look at photo captions or results lists. See if you can figure out how to pronounce them. Practice..."Mee Nuh Kaow Pee."

Most of all, use the magazine. Don't be a collector. Before your next issue shows up, the current issue should look well used. If you want to be a collector, buy a second subscription and put one copy in a plastic comic-book sleeve.

By the way, if you want to subscribe you can do so at O-sports web page.

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