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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Recovering from mistakes


Both Mary and I boomed this weekend and did a bad job of recovering from the mistakes. I guess I'm not surprised I didn't recover well, but I am disappointed. I'm not surprised because I haven't done much racing or high speed technique training. I'm disappointed because it cost me a couple of minutes each day.

Recovering quickly from mistakes seems like a good way to save time. Even if I made the mistake, I could probably have saved a good 1:30 each day if I'd handled the recovery better.

On the second day I was particularly annoyed at my mistake. I boomed the third control. I stopped too soon, relocated wrong (a parallel error), then hesitated and finally relocated correctly and took the control. I was mad at myself because I saw the potential for the error as I started the leg. But, I didn't take care of business and pay attention to the map until it was too late.

Take a look at Peter's map with his route from 2-3. Peter made the same mistake as I did (look where he went before he made the sharp turn and got back to the control), except he recovered better. When I was at the place where Peter made the sharp turn, I thought I was actually west of the control.

So, let me see...I was writing about being annoyed at the mistake. Yes. That's what happened. I was annoyed. But, I usually orienteer well when I'm mad (as long as I'm not mad about the map or at the organizers). From that point on I had a good run -- paying attention to the map, pushing the pace, and seeing the controls from a long way away.

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