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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A motivation measure


One of the signs that my motivation is low is when I cut training sessions short. Some years ago I was biking with Snorkel at SMP. After a lap or maybe two, I pulled off the main road and said "let's call it a day." Snorkel looked at me and pointed out that I wasn't usually the one to say it was time to stop, especially after such a short session.

Cutting a session short was a sign of low motivation.

When my motivation is high, I tend to put in a bit more than planned. On Sunday, Snorkel and I did some O' practice at Landahl. I started with 40 minutes jogging around to put out some controls for a course Snorkel would run (meanwhile he set out some controls for me). Then we each ran a course. When we were hanging controls it felt almost muggy -- about 55 degrees and a warm humidity. But, as soon as we started the second 40 minutes, the rain came, the wind picked up and it felt cold. When I got back to the car, I was ready to do some more running.

Being ready to run a bit more is a sign of decent motivation.

I didn't run any more. Snorkel had already put on some warm, dry clothes and was sitting in the car. Instead of doing another loop, I changed and we left. I guess if I'd gone out for another 30-40 minutes on my own, it'd be a sign of high motivation.

Actually putting in a bit moe than planned (especially in cold, wet weather) is a sign of high motivation.

I was thinking about these measures of motivation after I read a quote from Lance Armstrong on www.cyclingnews.com. Here is what Lance said:

"Jose Miguel Echavarri (Indurain's former director) told me a story about Indurain, about the year he tried to win his sixth Tour," Armstrong remembered. "When [Indurain] told him he was going out for a six hour training ride, he actually only did four... Always a little less than planned. That's something I can't imagine. I remember a day last year in the Pyrenees when I was with Floyd and George. We rode more than six hours, in fantastic countryside and perfect weather. I was so happy to be living that moment. For me, training is still a real pleasure. It's tough, that's true, but it's fun."

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