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Sunday, March 14, 2004

A few notes from yesterday's races


I ran about 6:15 yesterday. I'm tired. But, not so tired I can't spend a few minutes writing a few notes.

Score O'

Both events were score O' -- find as many controls as you can in a given time. We got the maps a bit in advance, so we had time to plan our routes. I'm not sure why, but I don't really like score O' all that much. Maybe I don't like the planning?

The magic of Gu

Dan carried some Gu during the night event and I got to witness the magic of Gu. After about 2:45 (remember we'd already done 2:15 in the afternoon), Dan was suffering. He sucked down a Gu and within minutes he picked up the pace. It was amazing how quickly the Gu took affect and how strong the effect was.


I used my new 7ah battery. It should have given me about 4.2 hours of the 10 watt light. But, the light dimmed after not quite 3 hours. I don't know why. Maybe new batteries need to be run and re-charged a couple of times before they hold a full charge?


Gene took a hard fall during the first event and cracked or bruised a rib. Apparently he tripped on an old barbed wire fence and fell hard. He managed to make his was (slowly and painfully, I'd imagine) to a main road and got a lift back to the finish. We got him to the emergency room for x-rays and pain pills. Mary got him back to Lawrence. Let's hope he recovers soon.

How common is this sort of injury among orienteers?

Chest/rib injuries don't make the list of common injuries among orienteers in Elitloparen (a book by a Swedish national team doctor). I guess they fit under the 14 percent of "other" injuries. The most common injury is to the knee (35 percent).

Some snapshots

The PTOC photo page has a few snapshots. Me and Dan chatting with Dick (meet director, I think) 45 minutes or so before the night race. Me and Dan just before the start (Dan doesn't look that fat in person!). KU orienteers with first place ribbons from the afternoon's race.

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