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Saturday, January 31, 2004

S will wait until tomorrow


I haven't had time to work on "S", so it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, here are a few scattered thoughts:

Old guy does good. It doesn't really mean much, but it is good to see Hakan Eriksson running well at the age of 42 (at least it is from my view as a first-year M40). Eriksson won a little training race at the Swedish team's winter camp. You can see the map with courses. The race was something they called dark-O'. They ran at night, but without lamps. The orange areas on the map are runnable and lighted. The blue areas are runnable, but not lighted.

A new link to Okansas. Tore Sandvik added my page to his collection of links. It is always cool to see someone linking to your page. Even if I think of what I write as notes to myself, it is satisfying that someone thinks enough of it to add a link.

If you can manage Norwegian, Sandvik's page is interesting. If you can't manage Norwegian, you can still explore some cool maps. Go to his page, click on "Arkiv" then click on "Kart."

One reason Americans are fat. I went to the grocery store tonight and bought milk, applesauce, cheese and oatmeal. As I walked around the store, I checked out what other people had in their carts. I was interested because the store was crowded with people stocking up for tomorrow's Superbowl and the expected 4-12 inches of snow. I was amazed at the amount of soda people were buying. I'm not sure how many calories are in a can of Coke, but I'm sure it is a lot. No wonder people are so fat.

Another link to Okansas Patrick (of the KU O' team) has had a link to my page for a while, but he recently wrote a very nice review of Okansas. Here's what he wrote:

O-Kansas. Like the others, this one is full of visuals, with pictures of terrain and trails, and orienteering maps and such. I like the passion and consistency in which Michael blogs about orienteering tips and information. I think this blog is one of the reasons that I enjoy learning about and participating in orienteering events.

If you're a middle-aged reader who wonders what's up with college students these days -- check out kupackman.blogspot.com.

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