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Saturday, November 15, 2003

More on team building/team feeling


I wanted to write a few more thoughts about "team feeling." I should begin with a definition of what I mean by a good team feeling. I should, but I won't. But, a good team feeling doesn't necessarily mean everyone gets along and likes everyone else. Part of a good environment is everyone understanding the goals and expectations. Another part is a lot of communication taking place, especially about how well people are performing.

Ok, moving on...

Why would team feeling matter?

For an organization to do well it has got to have people in the organization who are good and who are working. I think that's true of a work place or a basketball team or an orienteering national team. A strong environment (work place or team) keeps good performers and encourages everyone to do their best.

A workplace is a good illustration of what happens when the "team feeling" is bad. People leave. Good employees leave. Hiring good employees gets harder and harder. The employees who stay lose motivation. The quality of the work suffers. A strong team environment keeps the top employees and motivates the rest to do well.

Here is a short quote from Bjornar Valstad after he'd been at the Norwegian national team session a week or so ago:

A functioning team gives energy, enthusiasm and encourages improvement. But it doesn't happen by itself. At regular intervals measures have to be taken to provide and maintain "troekket" among the participants.

I think I understand what Bjornar is saying, but I don't actually know what "troekket" means (it ain't in my Norwegian dictionary).

Here is another short quote, this one from a professional coach:

My number one job as a coach is to create an environment, a culture, that players and coaches enjoy working in.

This coach -- the quote is from the KC football coach -- recognizes that people need to enjoy what they are doing if they are going to perform at their best. The paragraph after the quote describes him chewing out a player who'd let down the organization by gaining too much weight to perform well.

I should spend some more time writing -- I don't think I've done a very good job of explaining what I mean. But, I'd rather go outside an run.

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