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Friday, May 09, 2003



"Floorball" is the english name for "innebandy."

I'm not sure you could come up with a worse name for a sport than "floorball." Well, wait a minute -- how about "foot orienteering"?

I started thinking about floorball because I was looking at the men's results from the recently completed Nordic Open Champs. Emil Wingsted won the sprint and classic races. Pasi Ikonen won the middle distance race. Both Emil and Pasi have been playing floorball this winter!

Of course, most Scandinavia orienteers have probably been playing floorball this winter. (The Swedish Floorball Federation web page says about half a million Swedes play the sport).

I seriously doubt there is a direct connection between playing floorball and orienteering.

Is there an indirect connection between orienteering and floorball? I guess there might be. The exercise you get playing a sport like that doesn't hurt. You can work quite hard. You get a lot of general strength (lots of quick burst of speed, stops and starts, turns and jumps). If you're playing floorball you've probably got some friends you train with. It is a good indication of a good social environment, which can't hurt.

After a few minutes searching at Google, I found the US Floorball Association and a web store that sells equipment, but it looks like if I want to play some floorball, I'll have to set it up myself. I wonder if I can find some local floorball players (or talk a few OKers into playing the game)?

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If you want to see a nice floorball video, watch the Austria's Innebandidos' image-video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ZRFKt6sKI
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