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Friday, April 04, 2003

Annette Granstedt's training


Annette Granstedt is on the Swedish national team and her recent training is on the Swedish O' Federation's web page. Here is a bit of it translated:

March 31. The plan: Intervals on a stationary bike and strength training. Comments afterwards: Bike intervals as planned. 50x 45/15, i.e. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. I also did ten minutes of warm up and cool down. Total time was 70 minutes. I also did 40 minutes of strength training, working on the stomach-arms-back and some movement exercises.

April 1. The plan: long distance (about 1:40) line orienteering in the forest and on trails. Comments afterwards: This was the first Tuesday session without a headlamp. It really feels like spring is here. The session was line orienteering for 1:20. There were 7 or 8 women and together with the men there were about 25 people who did the session. The club, IKHP, traditionally has a big training every week.

April 2. The plan: intervals in the forest, I haven't decided exactly what type. Comments afterwards: I ran with Anna Envall early in the afternoon. We usually do that before we pick up the kids at the preschool. I try to do two session a week during the day in order to have the evenings free with the kids at home. We ran intervals from the IKHP clubhouse. We began with 8x2.5 minutes, then did 10x 90/30 (90 seconds running, 30 seconds rest). The session was 1:20 including a half hour jogging before and after.

April 3. The plan: distance run in the forest, 1:15. Comments afterwards: Again I trained during the day with Anna Envall. We did 1:10 easy running on trails. I felt a bit worn after yesterday's intervals.

April 4. The plan: Rest. Comments afterwards: Rest, as planned. In the afternoon, we traveled to Skåne to get ready for the weekend's long distance national champs.

A comment

When I was reading about Granstedt's training, I remembered talking with Anna Envall a couple of years ago. I told Anna that I'd seen she'd been having some very good results. She agreed and said that the environment in the club, IKHP, was very good. There was a group of women -- all about the same age and several with young children -- who trained together. She was very motivated to train.

Having a good situation within an O' club can be very motivating.

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