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Monday, July 15, 2002

How can it possibly take 3 hours to finish a brown course?


From the USOFclubnet:

Overtimes are someone [sic] common but not much of a problem....From my experience, the most problematic course is the brown...

Now I don't know if it is true that overtimes on brown courses are the most "problematic," but how on earth it can take three hours to finish a brown course?

A brown course is a shorter than green but similar navigational difficulty. The winning time is supposed to be around 45-50 minutes. Overtime is 180 minutes.

I looked at the results from a few A-meets over the last year or so. Of the 13 brown course results I looked at, three had winning times under 45 minutes and seven had winning times over 50 minutes. It looks like it isn't uncommon for brown courses to be a bit longer than the guidelines. But, the slowest winning time I saw was 69 minutes -- 111 minutes less than overtime.

Barring an injury, how can it possibly take three hours to finish a brown course?

What are people doing that makes it take so long to finish?

Are they spiking the controls but moving at a 45+ minute per kilometer pace? Are they making 15 minute booms on each control? Are they spiking most of the controls but making a two hour boom?

I don't mean to be insensitive or flippant. I really am curious about what someone is doing that makes it take over three hours to do a brown course.

If anyone knows, please let me know (either post a comment or drop me an email, meglin@juno.com).

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